About Me

Hello! I'm Suset, the crocheter and yarn lover behind CelorioCraft.

In this BLOG you will find crochet tutorials, tips and patterns.

I have crocheted for more than 10  years. And for the last months I have been designing my own crochet garments.

I want to share with you all I know about crochet!

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Get to know me!

My name is Suset Suárez. I was born in Cuba, but I have lived in Spain for almost three years. Now I live in a town located in the north  of Madrid, surrounded by mountains.

I have a University Degree in English Language and English Translation and Interpreting. Although I work as an English Teacher.

Since I can remember I love handmade and DIY. I can remember me sitting next to my grandma watching her sewing in an old sewing machine.

I learned how to sew, and I even started making my own clothes since I was 9. But when I saw a Crochet Hook I fall in love.

The truth is that I just learned how to crochet when I was almost 22. My grandma had to work hard, and also she was left-handed, so she could not teach me how to crochet.

A neighbor of mine, that was taking crochet lessons, taught me how to crochet. I have to tell you that it was not so easy at the beginning. And after that I continued learning by myself.

I am a curious and creative person. And I have a very quiet and relaxed lifestyle. 

I have a wonderful family and a lovely daughter who inspire me every day. I have to tell you that she is more creative than me.

2020 was a year that change my life. I decided to focus and to pursue my biggest dream: live my life enjoying and doing what I love!

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Varadero Top Crochet Pattern is Yours!