25 Crochet Tools in Spanish

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Making a crochet pattern in Spanish is not as difficult as you think. I assure you that with practice, knowing the necessary terms and some tips you can do it in no time. And I’m here to help you with that.

In this post I’m going to tell you about some of the different tools and materials that we use in crochet. At least the ones you need to know to start this adventure and some more.

Crochet Tools in Spanish

  1. Aguja de crochet/ ganchillo: crochet hook

3- Tijeras: scissors 


4- Marcador de Puntos: stitch marker


5- Aguja Lanera: yarn needle/ tapestry needle/ darning needle


6- Cinta Métrica: Tape measure/ measuring tape


7- Contador de Vueltas: row counter. 


8- Medidor de puntos: gauge swatch ruler/swatch rule  

9- Bolsa de proyectos: project bag

10- Tapete/esterilla de bloqueo: blocking mat


11- Tablero de bloqueo: blocking board


12- Bowl para hilado: yarn bowl


13- Ovilladora/Bobinadora: yarn ball winder


14- Devanadora: yarn umbrella swift


15- Molde para hacer pompones/Máquina para hacer pompones: pom pom maker


16- Telar: loom


17- Guardapuntos: stitch holder


18- Anillo guía de hilado: yarn guide ring


19- Pesa de cocina/ Balanza de cocina: kitchen scale


20- Medidor de ganchillos/ Medidor de agujas: crochet view sizer/crochet hook gauge


21- Cortador de hilo: yarn cutter


22- Bloqueador de calcetines: sock blockers


23- Tricotín: twist knitting mill


24- Agujas bloqueadoras: knit bloquers

25- Alfileres en T para bloquear: T-Pins


Here is a long list that you should have always with you to be able to understand patterns in Spanish.

There are not only common tools but others that you may sometimes need, that’s why I have included them, so you have an idea of all the materials and tools.

If there is something that you want to know and is not included, please let me know in the comments.This

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I hope you have found this information useful. Any questions you can ask me, I will be happy to help you.

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Have a good CROCHET TIME!


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  • Donna Roberts

    Hello: My name is Donna and I speak English only. I have a friend who speaks Spanish only and wants to learn to crochet. I don’t think she uses a computer. I am trying to find a Learn to Crochet book or something similar to get her started with crochet. I live in San Diego, California. If you know of a crochet class, group or store that my friend could use to get supplies, please let me know. I am on Facebook as Donna Marie Roberts so you could Message me. My friend does gorgeous embroidery work. I showed her my crochet things and she was hooked. Thanks in advance for your help, Donna

    • admin

      Hi Donna! It is so nice to see that your friend wants to learn to crochet! There are books in Spanish for crochet, but I can not recommend any because I have not used them, so I don’t know what is the best. On the internet there are a lot of videos, I have a YouTube channel with videos for absolute beginners but if she doesn’t know how to use the computer it is not a good idea. I am pretty sure that there are crochet lessons near her, maybe in a yarn store and it is ok if she doesn’t speak English because she just needs to see and then practice. I don’t know of places to buy things in the US because I live in Spain.
      Thanks for contact, have a good day

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